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I-dren Artstrong is a multi-talented Record Producer / Arranger / Composer / Musician / Artist / that had been in the local Underground Club Circuit since ’93. started as a B-boy (breakdancer) he is one of the pioneers of bboying since late 80’s as a young b-boy then became an emcee in the early 90’s then became a soul-funk r&b rap singer on the late 90’s then became a renaissance of music in 2000. And on the 18th Annual Awit Awards 2005 He was awarded for the following Categories:

  • Best RAP
  • Best Alternative/World Music
  • Best Jazz He shared the Best Male Performer of the Year with Gary V.
All of his works are self-written, self-recorded and self-produced.He also produced a couple of famous Filipino music artists like Nina, Kyla, Luke Mejares, Dice and K9, Hi-C and D-coy. In 2006 He started working at HIT PRODUCTIONS one the most prestige and renowned Production House of Advertising in the Philippines. He was hired as a composer/ musician/arranger for commercials. He scored most of the biggest corporate clients in advertising such as Nestea, Nescafe, Creamsilk, Jollibee, Mazda, San Miguel Beer, Sky Cable, Citreon, Nesvita, Globe Telecom, Smart Telecom, Hush Puppies, Bingo Cookies, Alaska Milk, Rexona body Spray and the lists goes on. His biggest commercial jingle Project in 2006 was the Remarkable NESCAFE Campaign jingle that is still being used in all the NESCAFE TV ADS up to this time. In 2009 He appeared to endorse “Sting” Energy Drink for their TV AD. In 2011 He became a part of a show in GMA Network Channel 7 every Sunday called “Party Pilipinas where he gets to showcase his talent in singing and performing Live on TV.Along the Performances on TV with the big household names of the Network. He had also produced a few songs and performed with Rachelle Anne Go, Julie Anne San Jose, Elmo Magalona, Sarah Labhati, and Jaya. He also became part of Tropical Depression Band. Artstrong specializes skill improvement program in singing, songwriting, and music arranging or music production.

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